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Florida Water Watch

Florida Water Watch

About Us

Florida Water Watch is a citizen volunteer, water monitoring program for Florida’s coastal waters. FWW uses EPA-approved monitoring plans with a community-based approach to train citizens to monitor the conditions of their local waterbodies. Each local Water Watch program selectively monitors the specific chemical and physical water quality parameters to meet the needs and objectives of the local program.

The goals of the Florida Water Watch programs are to A.D.A.P.T.:

  • A: Raise awareness about Florida’s coastal water quality at the local and state levels
  • D: Increase geographic coverage of water quality monitoring and collect baseline and supplemental data
  • A: Adopt best management practices to prevent pollution
  • P: Develop and maintain a sustainable coastal volunteer water quality monitoring program in Florida that creates community partnerships between citizens and local agencies
  • T: Provide tools and training for educators, students and citizens to evaluate local waterways and become environmental stewards.